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Engine Diagnostics

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2304 E. Craig Rd., North Las Vegas, Nv

​Phone: 702-929-2300

Our ASE Certified Technicians will evaluate and go over options with you.

Whenever we make a recommendation, we’ll explain it thoroughly; we only perform the services you approve. We employ ASE-certified general technicians to give you the most complete service and best advice out there. They will discuss possible repairs or engine replacement if needed.

Engine diagnostics serve to keep your engine running efficiently. The OBD system is capable of detecting malfunctions before they lower engine performance or cause severe damage. Because of the mandatory OBD system, your automobile is capable of monitoring and diagnosing its own performance. You should have engine diagnostics performed when the “check engine” light comes on. Engine diagnostics will help detect problems early so that minor problems never become major problems. Engine diagnostics also help keep emissions low, and if your engine is malfunctioning, your vehicle might not pass an emissions test. When your “check engine” light turns on, it is time for you to contact us for an engine diagnostics service. Our experienced staff will work hard to get your engine working again properly in no time.

​​Your vehicle’s engine may require more than a tune-up depending on the number of miles and your maintenance record. When your “Service Engine Soon” or “Check Engine” light comes on, it’s time for an engine diagnostic. Our team can tell you exactly what’s happening to help put your mind at ease. We can perform an emissions diagnostic and determine the appropriate repairs required so that you can pass your emissions tests.

After inspecting your vehicle, our technicians may also recommend maintenance and service of other engine components for better performance. These may include the following parts:

Crankcase vent filter
Crankcase ventilation (PVC) valve
Distributor cap and rotor
Emissions control system
Engine sensors and diagnostics
Fuel pump
Ignition coil pack
Ignition module
Ignition wires
Oil and oil filter change
Vapor canister filter