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Though they can save time and hassle, are car washes bad for your car? And if you hand wash your vehicle, are you cleaning it effectively enough? In many instances, a car wash is the safest course of action, but for others, they swear that hand washing is the only way to go. Having said that, let’s take a quick look at the different kinds of car wash options, and how they can affect your vehicles paint and appearance.

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Congrats! The time for your teen to get behind the wheel has finally come and whether you’re ready or not, you need to be prepared for the long (maybe bumpy) road ahead. It’s normal to be anxious or worrisome during the process of teaching your teen how to drive, but not to worry! Read on to our five important tips that’ll definitely help when embarking on this journey with your amateur driver.

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Here in the Southern Nevada Desert, weather is harsh on our vehicles. Of course we see the wear and tear on our paint, dashboards, but under the hood is getting hit just as hard. Hot to Cold, and requiring instant reaction at start up, your automotive system is relying on rubber and threads of steel to complete the functioning puzzle set into play. Busted belts are like that missing piece to the puzzle, it will never be complete.

​Preventive Maintenance:

Barbara wasn't getting to work on Monday morning, her car sat on the side of the road. What could have prevented this... Maintenance!

"Thanks to the good guys at Value Auto Service, I was taken care of with not only repairs, but an idea of a true Maintenance schedule. Now, O have Peace of Mind and trust in my new mechanics, Brad and Junior!" - Barbara



Are Car Washes Bad for Your Car

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