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2304 E. Craig Rd., North Las Vegas, Nv

​Phone: 702-929-2300

There are times when something just does not feel right when you are driving down the road. Maybe the ride is not as smooth as it used to be or your vehicle pulls to the left or the right. When that happens, it is time to give us a call at Value Auto Service.

Perhaps your steering wheel is not straight up and down when your hands are positioned at 10 and 2. Are your tires making noises such as squealing when you are making a turn? Is your mpg off or are your tires wearing out faster than they used to? All of these issues can be attributed to alignment problems. Sometimes these problems are so subtle you can’t even feel them. Stop by so we can help your tires and fuel. Together we can make your car go the distance. Keeping your car on the road has never been easier!

What does a Standard Alignment Include?

Inspect steering and suspension system, including tire condition and air pressure
Put vehicle on alignment rack; mount and compensate sensors
Print out initial alignment readings
Adjust camber, caster and toe angles to manufacture specification, if applicable (additional parts and labor may be necessary on some vehicles.)
Print out final wheel alignment readings to verify alignment is within specification
Road test vehicle