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AC Recharge
For most cars, at some point, the air conditioner will stop blowing cold. There are a few reasons why this might happen, but whatever the case, the AC system will likely have to be recharged with refrigerant after the repair.

A comprehensive evaluation of heating and A/C system:
Our Technicians will examine the internal controls and blower. Check radiator coolant operating temperature, hoses, pressure radiator cap and thermostat. Inspect the compressor belt, system and seals for leaks or various other damages. The will perform a cooling system pressure test, and verifying the A/C pressure meets manufacturer specifications. As well as Measure the interior vent air temperature.

Without the heating and air conditioning systems in today’s modern vehicles, we would all be miserable driving to our destinations. We take for granted the heat that keeps us warm in the winter months, and the cool air that refreshes in the summer time. 

Air conditioning has worked pretty much the same way for its entire existence: it cools and removes humidity from the air. There are three main parts to the system -- the compressor, condenser, and evaporator -- that achieve this, plus a few other parts to keep the system running smoothly.

Nothing stinks more than having your Air Conditioning go out while on a long summer trip. From time to time the A/C system needs to be recharged to bring it back up to maximum efficiency. Sometimes a leak may cause loss of refrigerant and will need to be fixed before refilling. It's difficult to tell if a leak is present without specific test equipment so let it up to a professional.

In recent years, the EPA has phased out the use of R-12 Freon in all refrigeration systems and R-134 has become the new standard. If you have an older system with R-12 you may need to retrofit your system to handle the new R-134 refrigerant. Sometimes seals, hoses and even the compressor need to be changed. The problem arises when the older seals and hoses are not compatible with the new oils found in the R-134.

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